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About Artist

Sara Ko is a 3D visual artist and animator based in Canada, focusing primarily on projects that involve experimenting with new media and audio/video installations at the intersection of science, art, and technology. Drawing deep inspiration from the intricate wonders of nature, Sara explores the uniqueness of highly detailed forms and organic shapes. 

Her passion lies in pushing the boundaries of imagination to craft uncanny figures and scenes, prompting contemplation on various subjects such as mental health conditions, identity, and the human impact on environmental issues. Through her manipulation of digital landscapes, Sara extends an invitation to viewers to journey into realms where imagination knows no bounds.


2019- 2023

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Visual Arts Major, Art Education Minor

University of Victoria, Victoria, BC

Selected Exhibitions

2024S9, Video Sound Archive, curated by DEBBIE Y.J. LIN & Bridget Moreen Leslie,

2023Don’t Need to Know to Feel It, University of Victoria, Victoria, Canada

2023Connect, A. Wilfrid Johns Gallery, Victoria, Canada

2023Art On Loop, on-site digital exhibition, London-Athens

2022Bread and Butter, Audain Gallery, Victoria, Canada

2022Somasphere, Audain Gallery, Victoria, Canada

2022Wonder Sea, Audain Gallery, Victoria, Canada

2021Lockdown, Upload: Disjunction in Rendered Dreams, Online Exhibition, BC, Canada

2019Still Life Digital Painting Exhibition, Rang o Torang Gallery, Tonekabon, Iran

2019The centrality of Iran's wildlife “Tooma Art Group”, Paeez Gallery and Mirmiran Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2019Forgotten, Gorgan Palace Museum, Golestan, Iran

2018 -  Light & Orange, Rang o Torang Gallery, Tonekabon, Iran

2018 -  Innocent yet Banned Animals, Paeez Gallery and Mirmiran Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2018Students' photography and illustration exhibition, Gorgan Palace Museum, Iran

2017Kami Panjereh: A Little Window, Milad Tower, Tehran, Iran

2016 -  Color of Peace, Western Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Honours & Awards

2024 - Official Selection, DaVinci International Film Festival, LA, United States

2023 - Semi-Finalist, Phoenix International Short Film Festival, Vancouver, Canada

2022 - International Student Award, University of Victoria

2021 - Pat Martin Bates Scholarship

2021 - Dr. Milada Horakova Scholarship

2020 - G. & l. Few Achievements Award

2020 - Fine Arts Achievement Bursary, University of Victoria

2019-2020  - International Student Award, University of Victoria

2017 - Winner, 17th Khwarizmi Youth Award (KYA) in Painting and Illustration, Tehran, Iran

2016 - Diploma of Honor, Tehran Youth Festival of Digital Arts & Design

2013-2015 - Scholarship Award, Sampad: National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents, Iran

2015 - First Place, Mazandaran Province Art Competition, Iran

2014 - First Place, Sari Cartoon & Illustration Contest, Sari, Iran

2012 - Award Winner, 13th Gorgan's Art and Culture Competition, Golestan, Iran

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